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  • A Valentine’s Costume Gala?

    When we think about costume parties, only one time of year comes to mind, Halloween. That’s the season of tricks and treats, ghosts and goblins, when we all get to dress like our favorite movie character or true inner self. Why should Halloween have all of the fun though? Why can’t we have costume parties any time of the year? why not Valentine’s Costume?

    Costume parties are great fun for people of all ages and you don’t really need a reason to have one. In fact, the latest trend that is sweeping the UK is the Valentine’s Day Costume Gala. Is it a full-on costume party like we see at Halloween? Do you have to dress up as a cherub wearing a diaper and carrying a bow and arrow all night? The answer to both of these questions is no. A Valentine’s Day Costume Gala is a more formal affair where adults don their favorite face masks and their fanciest dress and come together for an evening of fun, excitement and mystery. And when the evening is over, everyone removes their masks to reveal their true identity as well as a little more about themselves.

    minnie mouse costume Valentine’s Day Costume

    If a Valentine’s Day Costume Gala sounds like a good time to you, why not throw one this year? You still have plenty of time to make the invitations, set up a menu and get your mask. Guys might even need to rent a tux, and ladies still have plenty of time to shop for a new dress. The sky is the limit on this fancy formal costume party; you can make it as elaborate as you want and invite 50 guests, or keep it a more intimate evening for close friends and family.

    Whichever you choose, we think this is a trend that might be here to stay. Imagine the possibilities of costume parties year around! Think of how much fun you have at Halloween dressed like Harry Potter or your favorite One Direction member. You could have a costume themed birthday party or maybe even an Easter costume party; just don’t all dress like the Easter Bunny or it might seem a little strange to people passing by.

    The point is, with costume parties, there are no rules; they can be as mild or wild as you want to take them. So why should they only be held on Halloween? Plan your Valentine’s Day Costume Gala today and enjoy the spirit of the costume early this year.

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