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    These Faux Real T-Shirts are perfect for special occasions, such as family reunions, weddings, Christenings and Bar Mitzvahs. But if you’re looking at this page for stag do inspiration, then they will probably suffice for that as well.

    As one of the most genius products we’ve ever come across, these T-shirts have the power to transform you into a new man. The Bondage design is perfect for the more inhibited stag who wants to explore his sexuality from the safety of a high-quality T-shirt, and the Sexy Man Handling design has the desirable effect of rending every woman you encounter into a jealous frenzy because you’re constantly being felt up by someone else.


    Faux Real Shirts is the latest brand of Creative Apparel Concepts.  Termed “Photorealistic” because they look so much like the original outfit, that you have to “Look Twice” to realize that they are actually a comfortable t-shirt.

    Faux Real Shirt Faux Real Shirt

    As far as stag night themes go, these T-shirts are a cheeky bit of fun. They also have the bonus of giving you the body of an Adonis (even if he is controversially leather-clad and adorned with handcuffs), which means that you can drink as much beer as you like whilst still retaining a ripped six-pack covered in lipstick kisses.


    You can see all our Faux Real T-Shirts collection Faux Real Collection by clicking here

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    This post New Faux Real Fancy dress in Aylesbury was brought to you by Alex Prevost from Character Fancy Dress Shop in Aylesbury. They provide Faux Real fancy dress and also a great range of Stag Costumes and Fancy Dress Ideas for every occasion.

  • What do you fancy?

    We all love to party, don’t we? Some people party only on special occasions while some do so every other weekend. Some like house parties while some others prefer their parties in clubs. We all have our different tastes when it comes to hosting or attending a successful, fulfilled night of revelry. Partying is a universal activity that knows no boundaries of location, age, sex or race. One thing that is common among most people around the world is the common love they share for theme parties. Everyone likes a costume or theme party where they can become whatever they want to for that one night. With the growing popularity of selfies in social media, people are more enthusiastic than ever before to dress up as their favorite cartoon character or superhero and go clickety-click in their new looks.

    For the residents of UK, the one stop shop for acquiring fancy dresses of a variety of different kinds is Character Fancy Dress. It is the leading UK Fancy Dress costume supplier which provides Halloween costumes and fancy dress outfits for every occasion and every party. So whether it is a Hen night or a Stag night, a kid’s theme party or a more adult themed get-together, there are costumes and matching accessories for every kind of event available at Character Fancy Dress.

    Add more fun to your parties with costumes

    Character Fancy Dress stocks a large inventory of costumes suitable for any fancy dress theme including fancy dress parties, Halloween, Valentine events and festivals. UK residents need not run form pillar to post before the much awaited festival of Halloween to decide on which costume they want. They can simply log on to the company’s website and choose from numerous fun, stylish outfits for themselves as well as their kids.

    The costumes are available in all sizes and come with affordable, pocket friendly price tags. In fact there is always a sale going on at Character Fancy Dress on most of the costumes so that parties can be fun without creating holes in the pockets of the revelers. All the orders placed at Character Fancy Dress are dispatched on the same day of purchase so that the items are delivered as quickly as possible for you to get ready on time for that much awaited event.

    Character Fancy Dress stocks all types of costumes

    The fancy dress costumes available at Character Fancy Dress include those that have become iconic in pop culture over the decades. These include famous movie characters like Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Monsters Inc., Scooby Doo, etc. There are also superheroes characters, animal costumes, pirates, clowns and many more such fun themes. For the little girls, all the latest Disney, princess and movies costumes are available to order online. Besides costumes, there are also attractive, matching accessories available which complete the getup.

    Interested parties can contact this Buckinghamshire based company 24 hours a day, on or phone on 0845 201 5136.

  • A Valentine’s Costume Gala?

    When we think about costume parties, only one time of year comes to mind, Halloween. That’s the season of tricks and treats, ghosts and goblins, when we all get to dress like our favorite movie character or true inner self. Why should Halloween have all of the fun though? Why can’t we have costume parties any time of the year? why not Valentine’s Costume?

    Costume parties are great fun for people of all ages and you don’t really need a reason to have one. In fact, the latest trend that is sweeping the UK is the Valentine’s Day Costume Gala. Is it a full-on costume party like we see at Halloween? Do you have to dress up as a cherub wearing a diaper and carrying a bow and arrow all night? The answer to both of these questions is no. A Valentine’s Day Costume Gala is a more formal affair where adults don their favorite face masks and their fanciest dress and come together for an evening of fun, excitement and mystery. And when the evening is over, everyone removes their masks to reveal their true identity as well as a little more about themselves.

    minnie mouse costume Valentine’s Day Costume

    If a Valentine’s Day Costume Gala sounds like a good time to you, why not throw one this year? You still have plenty of time to make the invitations, set up a menu and get your mask. Guys might even need to rent a tux, and ladies still have plenty of time to shop for a new dress. The sky is the limit on this fancy formal costume party; you can make it as elaborate as you want and invite 50 guests, or keep it a more intimate evening for close friends and family.

    Whichever you choose, we think this is a trend that might be here to stay. Imagine the possibilities of costume parties year around! Think of how much fun you have at Halloween dressed like Harry Potter or your favorite One Direction member. You could have a costume themed birthday party or maybe even an Easter costume party; just don’t all dress like the Easter Bunny or it might seem a little strange to people passing by.

    The point is, with costume parties, there are no rules; they can be as mild or wild as you want to take them. So why should they only be held on Halloween? Plan your Valentine’s Day Costume Gala today and enjoy the spirit of the costume early this year.

  • Playing Santa This Christmas

    Did you get chosen to play Santa Claus at this year’s Christmas party? Or maybe you just like to dress up like Santa throughout the year and spread some Christmas cheer? (Really, that’s not weird at all) If either of these scenarios describe you, read on, as we are going to give you some pointers on how to be the best Santa Claus ever.

    Whether you volunteered for the part, or someone else volunteered you while you were under duress, playing Santa can be a very important part of the holiday season. With the following tips, you will be a jolly Santa in no time and maybe even the hit of the Christmas party.

    The Santa Suit

    Obviously, the most important part of playing Santa Claus is you have to have the Santa suit. Finding a good one that looks and feels authentic and durable is important as you will have small children climbing all over you to get their pictures taken and to let you know what they want for Christmas.


    Traditional suits may come with accessories such as a belt, hat, and boot covers but you'll probably have to find additional items to complete your costume:

    You will need a wig and a beard unless your hair already matches that of the fat man. Look for a 6 to 10" beard that's as white as snow and has secure, elastic bands.

    You have to have the Santa Claus glasses to truly pull off the part. If you already wear glasses, you are set. If not, you will need to buy a pair of costume glasses with wire frames.

    Whether you choose Santa Claus specific padding that comes in the form of a vest, or you choose to make your own with a pillow, be sure to pad your belly and make it as big as possible. Nobody likes a skinny Santa.

    Don’t forget the white gloves. These are a mandatory item and adds that extra touch of authenticity to your costume.

    Once you have your costume complete, apply some makeup to make your nose and cheeks much more rosy and jolly appearing.

    Playing the Part

    Make sure that you can act out a good Santa Claus role before showing up at the party. Practice walking around your home dressed in the suit. This will give you a feel for tit and really put you in that Christmas spirit.

    Work on your back story as well. You’re from the North Pole, your wife is hundreds of years old and you live and work with elves. Learn the name of your reindeer and memorize them; children will ask a lot of questions and some of them test you to see if you know what you are doing.

    And finally, here are some last minute Santa Claus Tips

    - Practice your laugh at home, not when you're in front of a crowd.

    - Don't be late at christmas. Children do not have patience.

    - Santa suits can be very warm and uncomfortable. Stay hydrated and you're less likely to feel any ill effects.

    - Be a generous Santa and hand out candy canes.

    - Don't miss a good photo op. Take pictures to capture the moment.

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