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Disney Fancy Dress

  • How Disney Studios continue to inspire Disney Fancy Dress ideas

    Disney is a massive Fancy Dress Franchise inspiring Disney Fancy Dress across the world. Many thousands of Cinderella costumes are sold each year as little girls only want dress up as a princess. With so many great Disney movies released every year, this continues to inspire many more great fancy dress ideas. Classic Disney movies such as Snow White, Cinderella and Toy Story are massive franchises for fancy dress especially with children.

    disney fancy dress disney movies disney fancy dress


    With Disney just purchasing the rights to make the next star wars movies, we can only imagine what wonderful characters will be invented to inspire Fancy Dress costumes across what is already a global fancy dress phenomenon that has already seen 6 movies in total since the first release of Star Wars in 1977. Since then Star Wars Fancy Dress continues to be a celebrated whether for Star wars conventions, Halloween, Parties or just general fun.

    disney fancy dress star wars fancy dress disney fancy dress

    Monster Inc has just released another movie this year which has continued the success from the first movie. Children love to dress up as Mike or Sully and the Monsters Inc franchise continues to expand. Each year we are always looking forward to see what imaginative characters Disney will produce next. For 2013 we have already some great movies with the release of Lone ranger, Oz the great and powerful, Monsters University and the forthcoming release of Planes. Disney Costumes for adults and children continue to ever so popular with age really no barrier.

    disney fancy dress cinderella costumes disney fancy dress
    disney fancy dress cinderella costumes disney fancy dress

    Girls Disney Costumes include Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and more recently Merida from Brave which continue to be in great demand as soon as they are older enough to walk. Boys Disney Costumes include Buzz Light Year, Woody and Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

    disney fancy dress buzz costumes disney fancy dress
    disney fancy dress buzz lightyear fancy dress disney fancy dress

    Disney Movies will continue to provide lovable characters that both adults and children will love. Fancy dress and merchandise will be inspired for years to come by the creative minds behind the Disney studios. Already we cannot wait for the new Star Wars Movie!

    Author Bio

    This article was brought to you by Alex Prevost from Character Fancy Dress shop in Aylesbury. If you are looking for a disney fancy dress or some great fancy dress ideas for your party then check out our huge collection of costumes online.

  • Couples in Costume!

    Happiness is so much sweeter when it’s shared. The same applies to fancy dress! You can have so much more fun with your outfit if you share your costume idea with a friend, sibling or significant other. Dressing up as a couple is a great idea for theme parties, couple outings or simply making a statement – that you are together!

    Whether you and your loved one are entering a couples’ costume contest or just going out to celebrate Halloween or someone’s birthday, costumes for couples are a great way to have an enjoyable time together. They are a great favourite among people every year, as it is fun to co-ordinate.


    When it comes to fancy dress, you have no limits. You can be outrageous, funny and creative. You may already have a completely unique costume idea for you and your special someone, but if you haven’t, here are some suggestions:

    Superhero Couples Costumes 

    Maybe Batman has an off-day. Batgirl is close at hand to salvage the situation! You can also choose to be Superman and Supergirl.

    TV & Movie Couples Costumes 

    From Star Wars, The Flintstones, Toy Story, Harry Potter and other perennial entertainment favourites, you have a lot to choose from.

    Career Couples Costumes 

    You could dress up as a priest and nun, striped jailbirds, firefighters and all branches of the military are just a few of the costumes for two populating this category. And yes, prison can be a one-night career!

    Funny Couples Costumes 

    Peanut butter and jellied slices of bread, ketchup and mustard, honey bee and bee keeper — who wouldn't get a chuckle out of these wacky costume ideas?


    Getting Specific

    Here are some great examples of famous couples:

    • Bee and Beekeeper
    • Mickey and Minnie
    • Emily and Victor from The Corpse Bride
    • Jessica and Roger Rabbit
    • Shrek and Fiona
    • Donkey and Dragon
    • Ghostbuster and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
    • Woody and Bo Peep
    • Woody and Buzz
    • Buzz and Jessie
    • Batman and Robin
    • Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan
    • Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan
    • Jack Daniels and Coke
    • Ken and Barbie
    • Sandy and Danny from Greece
    • Batman and the Joker
    • King and Queen (list several)
    • Jager Meister and Redbull
    • Ghostface and Sydney Prescott from Scream
    • Bunny and Pimp
    • Frankenstein and his Bride
    • Loofah and Soap
    • Lion and Lion Tamer
    • Count Dracula and his Vampire Queen

    Don’t party alone when you can pair up with a friend and deck yourselves out in the coolest couples’ costumes!

    Author Bio

    This guide to couple fancy dress costumes was provided by Alex Prevost form Character Fancy Dress shop in Aylesbury. They provide fancy dress costumes for every occasion.

  • Celebrate Monsters University with Our Monsters Inc Costumes

    monsters inc costumes

    Monsters University has been one summer blockbusters for kids. Still packing cinemas, the 2nd movie bring Sully, Mike and a host of original new characters to the big screen. Featuring the voices of Billy Crystal, Helen Mirren, Steve Buscemi, John Goodman, Joel Murray and Peter Sohn, Monsters University has been well received by kids and adults across the world. Like Toy story, the original film monsters Inc went on to sell millions in merchandise including a millions of Monsters Inc fancy dress costumes. Kids love to dress up as Sully and Mike. The new movie has just brought increased demand and gain Monsters In a whole new army of fans.

    monsters costumes sully fancy dressmonsters costumes monsters inc fancy dress

    The new movie eleven years later than the first movie sees Mike as a scare major at Monsters University. Here he meets his new roommate, Randall and a large blue furry monster that we all know as Sully. They both have some problems and are removed from the program. In true style they team up at the scare games and well the rest we won’t spoil. To celebrate the release of Monsters University, we have some great Monster Inc Costumes in stock available for kids in all sizes.

    Author Bio

    This post was brought to you by Alex Prevost form Character Fancy Dress shop in Aylesbury. They provide the monsters costumes  Halloween and also a great range of Costumes and Fancy Dress Ideas for every occasion.

  • Disney release another summer blockbuster to inspire Fancy Dress

    Disney will release another animated master piece this summer in the shape of the Planes. With the huge success of cars which has seen 2 movies so far, Disney studios will release this action packed adventure that will be screened in 3d. The main character Dusty voiced by comic man Dane Cook is not really a racing plane and unfortunately he is also scared of heights! Dusty then gets help from a naval aviator to help compete on the racing circuit.

    disney fancy dress disney costumes
    Disney Fancy Dress disney costumes

    Disney’s Planes will be available in theatres from the 16th August. For decades Disney has inspired fancy dress through 100’s of characters that are still popular today. Classic costumes include Snow white costumes, Cinderella costumes and recent Disney movies such as pirates of the Caribbean and Toy story creating many new Disney Fancy dress ideas. The characters from Planes include Dusty, Skipper Raily, Dottie, Ned and Zed, Bulldog and Chug. Parents up and down the country will be taking their children to see what could be the biggest animated movie of the year. There will be no doubt that the film will produce lots of merchandise including new Disney costumes featuring some of the lead characters.

    Disney Fancy Dress disney costumes

    To see the trailer from the film check out the link below.

    For more great Disney costumes simply visit our online store.

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