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Superhero Fancy Dress

  • 3 All Time Superheroes that keep on inspiring Superhero Fancy Dress

    Superheroes continue to inspire fancy dress each year. Over the decades, the most popular superheroes have continued be reinvented and the story retold in a more modern twist. Recently most of the superheroes have received a reboot with a darker and much more serious take leaving the comic side behind. Here we look at 4 of the most famous superheroes to inspire fancy dress costumes.


    superhero fancy dress superman fancy dress superhero fancy dress superman fancy dress

    The original film featured Christopher Reeves and was released in 1977. It went on to make another 3 films with Superman 2 being the best of the 4 and featuring General Zod. For decades Superman Costumes has been a very popular choice for many Fancy occasions. Those red pants and tight fitted costume really put the fun into the fancy dress making superman an iconic superhero. In 2006, Superman returns was released which failed to really do the original franchise any justice. 2013 saw the Man of Steel released fusing both the first movie and 2nd movie together. The movie was much more serious with an absolute stella cast and directed by the legendary Zack Snyder. Superman Fancy Dress was back in huge demand as was General Zod and the 2nd movie is already in the pipeline.


    superhero fancy dress spiderman fancy dresssuperhero fancy dress spiderman fancy dresss

    Spiderman is another global superhero celebrated for decades. Inspiring blockbuster movies and fancy dress, the original web spinner is another great superhero character for fancy dress. The fictional character Spiderman was created by Stan Lee and like all great superheroes, he has a troubled past. Bitten by a radioactive spider, he then possesses great powers reminiscent to a spider allowing him to spin webs, crawl up walls and possess superhuman strength. After his uncle is killed by a criminal, he decides to fight evil and comes against many arch enemies. Both Toby Maguire and now Andrew Garfield have take on the role of web shooter. Spiderman costumes continue to be loved by kids and adults and that’s why we agree Spiderman is one the top 3 superheroes of all time.


    superhero fancy dress batman fancy dresssuperhero fancy dress fancy dress

    Another all time superhero that continues to inspire Superhero Fancy Dress is Batman. Originally brought to life in 1939, Batman has seen many film released featuring a host of well know movies stars such as Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and most recently Christian Bale. Inspiring Fancy Dress for decades, Batman Costumes continue to be in high demand. The most recent Franchise featuring much darker take of the story of Bruce Wayne and Gotham City has seen Christian Bale take the dark knight to another level completely stripping away the comic book feeling. As a result Batman Fancy Dress I much cooler. Batman is another great superhero that is celebrated at Fancy Dress parties all over the world each year.


    Author Bio

    This post was brought to you by Alex Prevost from Character Fancy Dress Shop Aylesbury. They provide superhero fancy dress and also a great range of Halloween Costumes and Fancy Dress Ideas for every occasion.


  • Rita Ora Dress up as Catwoman Costume

    When Chloe Green launched her new Topshop fashion collection, she was joined by best friend Rita Ora, who dressed for the occasion in a skin tight, PVC Catwoman suit. A cap with cat-like ears finished the feline look.

    catwoman costume Rita Ora Catwoman

    After a celebratory meal in Dorchester restaurant China Tang, the party moved onto London club Chakkana, where they were joined by another guest dressed in his own variation of the cat-suit, a Spiderman and Lara Croft.

    Indeed, the singer sported a pair of black stiletto heels from Christian Louboutin for the phase one of what become a late night out as she dined with Green - who was in a celebratory mood following the official launch of her new line earlier that day - before switching  into a pair of strappy monochrome striped shoes.

    The party eventually clambered into the back of a cab as the party moved on to South American themed venue Chakkana for Chloe's launch party, where they were accompanied by Rita’s stylist friend Kyle De’volle - who matched the singer by wearing his own variation of the Catwoman ensemble.

    You can recreate Rita Ora’s look yourself, with our Catwoman outfit.

    Author Bio

    This post on Rita Ora with a Catwoman Costume was brought to you by Alex Prevost form Character Fancy Dress Shop in Aylesbury. They provide the Batman Halloween Costume and also a great range of Catwoman Fancy Dress Costumes and Movie Fancy Dress Ideas for every occasion.

  • Couples in Costume!

    Happiness is so much sweeter when it’s shared. The same applies to fancy dress! You can have so much more fun with your outfit if you share your costume idea with a friend, sibling or significant other. Dressing up as a couple is a great idea for theme parties, couple outings or simply making a statement – that you are together!

    Whether you and your loved one are entering a couples’ costume contest or just going out to celebrate Halloween or someone’s birthday, costumes for couples are a great way to have an enjoyable time together. They are a great favourite among people every year, as it is fun to co-ordinate.


    When it comes to fancy dress, you have no limits. You can be outrageous, funny and creative. You may already have a completely unique costume idea for you and your special someone, but if you haven’t, here are some suggestions:

    Superhero Couples Costumes 

    Maybe Batman has an off-day. Batgirl is close at hand to salvage the situation! You can also choose to be Superman and Supergirl.

    TV & Movie Couples Costumes 

    From Star Wars, The Flintstones, Toy Story, Harry Potter and other perennial entertainment favourites, you have a lot to choose from.

    Career Couples Costumes 

    You could dress up as a priest and nun, striped jailbirds, firefighters and all branches of the military are just a few of the costumes for two populating this category. And yes, prison can be a one-night career!

    Funny Couples Costumes 

    Peanut butter and jellied slices of bread, ketchup and mustard, honey bee and bee keeper — who wouldn't get a chuckle out of these wacky costume ideas?


    Getting Specific

    Here are some great examples of famous couples:

    • Bee and Beekeeper
    • Mickey and Minnie
    • Emily and Victor from The Corpse Bride
    • Jessica and Roger Rabbit
    • Shrek and Fiona
    • Donkey and Dragon
    • Ghostbuster and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
    • Woody and Bo Peep
    • Woody and Buzz
    • Buzz and Jessie
    • Batman and Robin
    • Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan
    • Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan
    • Jack Daniels and Coke
    • Ken and Barbie
    • Sandy and Danny from Greece
    • Batman and the Joker
    • King and Queen (list several)
    • Jager Meister and Redbull
    • Ghostface and Sydney Prescott from Scream
    • Bunny and Pimp
    • Frankenstein and his Bride
    • Loofah and Soap
    • Lion and Lion Tamer
    • Count Dracula and his Vampire Queen

    Don’t party alone when you can pair up with a friend and deck yourselves out in the coolest couples’ costumes!

    Author Bio

    This guide to couple fancy dress costumes was provided by Alex Prevost form Character Fancy Dress shop in Aylesbury. They provide fancy dress costumes for every occasion.

  • Fancy dress walk to raise money for Newport hospice

    The third annual fancy dress walk in memory of a Newport lifeguard in aid of St David’s Hospice is set to take place next month.

    Steven Lewis, 31, died on December 21, 2011, after being diagnosed with stomach cancer.

    The fancy dress walk from Charles Street to The Ship Inn, Caerleon, will take place on Monday, May 26. The last two years have seen dozens of people turn out for the walk in their best fancy dress, from the Queen and Rocky to a Dad’s Army soldier and the Mario Bros.

    The three-mile walk will start at 3pm at the bottom of Charles Street and will make its way through Commericial Street, into Bridge Street and Cambrian Road, through the High Street, walking across Newport Bridge before walking along Caerleon Road to the Ship car park.

    Steven’s mum, Jackie Lewis, from St Julian’s, told the Argus they are hoping the walk will help them reach their £25,000 target.


    With the London marathon just passing and the epic fancy-dress outfits that were on display turning heads. This could be your perfect chance to shine and turn heads in the Newport hospice fancy dress walk.

    Here are some fancy-dress ideas that are eye-catching and will make you stand out as having the best fancy-dress!!


    Here’s a SuperMario costume that is bound to get you some attention. If you’re going with a friend this could be a costume for both of you, as you can both go as the partnership of SuperMario Brothers.


    Here’s a Monsters Inc. costume that will stand out, with the bright green features and big eye in the middle of costume. Also bound to be kids favourite!


    Here's also another alternative Monsters Inc. costume for the kids!



    These two Batwomen and Robin costumes could be the perfect partnership for you and your friends to make statement. Both costumes pass of fancy dress but not only that they are both very stylish at the same time!

  • What is Fancy Dress all About?

    "Fancy dress" is mainly a British term dating back to the Victorian era. Prior to that, masquerade parties were all the rage. Because party-goers were masked and costumed and therefore anonymous, they had a tendency to act in an inappropriate manner. People were a lot bolder than when dressed in their everyday clothes. To discourage this behaviour, masquerade parties fell out of fashion with the social elite. Instead, parties where costumes were required but masks weren't became fashionable. To differentiate them from the scandalous masquerade parties, they became known as parties of "fancy dress".


    Fancy dress parties became popular for private as well as public occasions. Queen Victoria was well known for her liking of fancy dress and used to throw parties of this sort quite often. If there was something to celebrate, there was a good chance it would be celebrated in costume.

    Risqué or fanciful costumes were considered inappropriate and in bad taste, so party-goers would dress in costumes of historical or literary significance. Shakespeare became a popular theme as did native costumes from other countries, though some of them would be viewed as politically incorrect during this day and age. Other common costumes portrayed seasons, such as the "winter," which entailed dressing in a fashionable white dress adorned with elegant accessories such as sparkly "icicles." Peasant dresses were also fashionable as they were considered "romantic" and perhaps a bit racier than costumes that covered cleavage, arms and legs.


    In those times, Fancy Dress parties indicated a certain moral standard. Men didn't dress as women; women didn't dress as men and body parts weren't exposed. This was, after all, polite society and such behaviour was beneath them.

    These days, "Fancy Dress" is just a glorified term for a costume party and pretty much anything goes. Most fancy dress parties are to celebrate Halloween, hen and stag do's, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas and Easter.


    Costume parties are popular for a number of reasons. For one thing, while dressed as someone else, you get to take on another persona for that time. If you are part of a group of like-minded people dressing to a certain theme, then you get a feeling of belonging. Dressing in costume is also a chance to show of your creativity and individuality.

    There are endless costumes that you can dress up in – the more imaginative the better. You can go as your favourite superhero, a monster, a war hero, historical figures (like Cleopatra), characters from books and TV, celebrities and animals.

    Dressing with originality can be a conversation starter and icebreaker. It creates a lot of different and sometimes strange laughs, looking at what people have come as, what crazy thoughts people have and learn whose favourite character is.

    The main thing with fancy dress is that everyone dresses up in ridiculous, funny and imaginative costumes and for everyone to enjoy themselves.


  • Grange Students And Staff Help Boost Funds For Prom Night

    fancy dress grange-prom

    A fundraising day held by staff and Year 11 students at Shrewsbury’s Grange Secondary School has helped to boost funds for this year’s leavers’ prom.

    Both students and teachers donned fancy dress outfits for the fundraiser which was held last week at the Grange.

    Teacher Elaine Jones, who helped to organise the event, said that it had been a great success.

    “Every single penny from the day will be used towards prom night for the Year 11 students who will be leaving us in the summer,” she said.

    “It will help to pay for the food, decorations and the photographer – we are one of the few schools which actually stages its prom on school premises and it always turns out to be a wonderful community event.

    “The fundraiser was fantastic fun – it included a show at break time put on by the Year 11s and also a performance of Let’s Get Ready to Rumble by some brave members of staff.

    “During lunchtime students manned stalls in the hall including tombolas, cake sales and name the teddy.

    “The event gave students something to really be proud of as they were raising money for what will be a special evening for them as they leave the school at the end of the summer term.”

    Author Bio

    This post was brought to you by Alex Prevost form Character Fancy Dress Aylesbury. They provide Halloween Costume and also a great range of Halloween Costumes and Fancy Dress Ideas for every occasion.

  • The second Captain America film is here!

    ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ has hit our screens and is making a much bigger splash that its original, ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’.


    Chris Evans returns as the red-white-and-blue crusader, Steve Rogers, in a plot that features Rogers struggling to embrace his role in the modern world, while battling the Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier. Two years on from the events in ‘Avengers Assemble’, the first avenger becomes embroiled in a dark political conspiracy and teams up with The Falcon to go against the mysterious Winter Soldier.

    Captain America

    “Audiences have had a lot of great exposure with the introduction of Captain America in the 2011 film and an integral role in ‘Marvel’s The Avengers,’ which is the third biggest film of all time,” says Disney distribution chief Dave Hollis. “The Marvel films are like interlocking puzzle pieces, so we expect to see increased interest.”

    ‘The Winter Soldier’ will no doubt be popular because it is the biggest step so far in terms of plot events, hinting at what we have to look forward to in the next Avengers film, ‘Age of Ultron’.

    If you want to find out what that is, well, you will have to watch the movie for yourself. You’ll find no spoilers here.

  • What is Cosplay?

    Cosplay has a couple of meanings, but the most relevant is the merging of the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’. If you want to wear a costume while attending an event (perhaps to compete or to perform a short sketch), then you have arrived in the exciting world of cosplay.

    Cosplay is the combination of the English words "costume" and "play". It is a Japanese subculture centred on dressing as characters from manga, anime, and video games. However, in some circles, "cosplay" has been expanded to mean simply wearing a costume.

    One anecdote about the origin of the word "cosplay" was that Nov Takahashi (from a Japanese studio called Studio Hard) coined the term "cosplay" as a contraction of the English words "costume play" while he was attending the 1984 Los Angeles Science Fiction Worldcon. He was so impressed by the hall and masquerade costuming there that he reported about it frequently in Japanese science fiction magazines. This ultimately triggered Japanese cosplay.

    Cosplay is a hobby where like-minded people gather to see other costumes, show off their own elaborate handmade creations, snap lots of pictures and perhaps partake in best costume contests.


    In the United States and Europe, it differs from Japanese culture in that cosplay concerning Sci-Fi films and TV shows along with Renaissance-era characters and historical re-enactments, especially at science fiction conventions, are far more popular in the West than they are in Japan.

    Cosplay is a favourite habit of Comic Con attendees, which fans attend in droves. There, you will see dozens of Batmen, Iron Men and Wonder Women, in addition to niche costumes, like characters of the Japanese manga series "Attack on Titan" and '90s throwbacks like Freakazoid and Hey Arnold.

    Brave Cosplay

    The costumes vary greatly in intensity. Some crafty cosplayers get imaginative and repurpose clothing and props they already own. For example, to cosplay as Katniss Everdeen of "Hunger Games”, you only need a black t-shirt, green cargo pants, lace-up boots and hair tied into a braid. You can buy a Mockingjay pin replica and use brown eye shadow for dirt and grime smears.

    Katniss Cosplay

    For cosplayers, the experience is nearly always worth the stress of choosing a costume and dropping the dough. It's an opportunity to be a hero, princess, or otherworldly creature. It takes courage to put on a costume and go into public. But cosplayers enjoy celebrating the characters that they love and embracing their fandom.

    Have you cosplayed yet?


  • Katherine Jenkins and friends go for superhero fancy dress theme in Vegas

    superhero fancy dress superhero fancy dress

    Katherine Jenkins has been spending a lot of time in the US recently to record her new album. It's not all work, work, work though.

    During her latest state side visit, Katherine took some time out of the studio to join her friends at a hen do in Las Vegas. Where Katherine Jenkins dresses up as Tomb Raider and her friends went for superhero fancy dress theme.

    Katherine partied the night away in hotpants, tight-fitting vest top and fake gun strapped to her thigh. International recording star Katherine and her nine friends went to to VIP nightclubs in Sin City.

    Bride-to-be Angela Jay, who works for media giant Global Radio, invited a dozen friends for the special trip.

    The party stayed at The Bellagio an iconic hotel right in the middle of Las Vegas’ strip.

    The girls went to a shooting range in Nevada, a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, and on a shopping spree at the Encore Resort where relaxed Katherine dressed down in a denim jacket.

    This year, she and her girlfriends dressed as Wonderwoman, Cheetra from Thundercats, Catwoman and Batman villain Poison Ivy.

    They then went for drinks at the sophisticated Ghost bar – 55 floors up at the Palms Casino.

    Katherine and her friends later changed into little black dresses before going out on the tiles.

    They followed in the steps of the characters from the Hangover films, posing for photographs at Las Vegas landmarks.

    Katherine and the girls posed for snaps beneath a giant showgirl outside a strip joint.

    They then headed to the MGM grand where they took group shops in front of the silver horse statue and boxing ring.

    But unlike in the Hangover movies their night didn’t end in disaster – instead Katherine helped them skip the queues at the trendy Hakkasan nightclub.

    Katherine posed for photographs in superhero fancy dress with her girl pals and clubbers queued to get their snaps taken with her.

    They also went for sushi at Tao restaurant before heading to the a nightclub and beach bar in the same venue.

    Her friend said: “We had a great time - Katherine is tremendous fun and although she’s a worldwide star she is still one of the girls.

    “Some of us hadn’t seen her for a few years because she is so busy but we all clicked again straight away.”

    Katherine has been living in Los Angeles where she has been attending Oscar parties and working on a new album.

    But she took time out of her busy schedule to catch up with old friends – and the girls enjoyed themselves like any group of hens in Vegas on the trip last weekend.

    Some of the party was pictured jumping in superhero fancy dress before ending their night at a McDonald’s.

  • We Love Spiderman!

    Spiderman is a fictional superhero, brought to us by Marvel Comics. He was created with super strength and agility, the ability to cling to most surfaces and shoot spider-webs. With his ‘spider-sense’, he can react to danger quickly, enabling him to combat his foes and escape sticky situations.


    Spiderman first appeared comic books in the early 1960’s, but since the 2002 movie featuring Peter Parker, the series really broke ground. We are able to identify with Toby Maguire’s Peter Parker because we see the man behind the mask and witness the hardships he faces as he learns that “with great power there must also be great responsibility”.


    Since Spiderman started leaping across our screens, he has become one of the most popular and commercially successful superheroes. He is Marvel’s flagship character and company mascot, so has appeared in many forms in the media. Now that the films have been rebooted as 'The Amazing Spiderman', Andrew Garfield has taken over the role of Spiderman, which has brought a whole new angle to his story.


    With these credentials, wouldn't you like to spend some time as the Man Behind the Mask?



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