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  • It's all about Lego!

    Since the Lego Movie graced the big screen, Lego has been more popular than ever. From fashion statements, Lego fancy dress to life-size Lego cars, the creativity that Lego inspires in people is incredible…

    Raul Oaida spent 20 months working on the Super Awesome Micro Project – a one-of-a-kind motor costing £75,000. Built entirely from scratch, the working engine is made entirely from up to 100,000 Lego parts.

    Lego Fancy Dress Lego Fancy Dress

    And then there’s the dress made from 5000 Lego bricks, which kicked off London Fashion Week in September last year. Even the accessories were Lego-inspired!

    lego accessories Lego Fancy Dress

    There’s no doubt that Lego costumes are original and everyone will be amused if you turn up in a Lego Man or Lego Lady costume at the next event. You can make your Lego character unique – be a pirate, a chef, vampire, or even a skeleton.

    lego_men_2011 Lego Fancy Dress

    Or you could copy what the Lego Movie did and dress up as a Lego superhero. This amazing dad had no qualms about building an outfit of the main character for his daughter, after they saw the movie.

    lego suit Lego Fancy Dress

    If you want to portray your favourite childhood pastime AND be on trend, then Lego costumes or Lego Fancy Dress are the way to go this summer.

    Author Bio

    This post was brought to you by Alex Prevost from Character Fancy Dress Shop Aylesbury. They provide lego fancy dress and also a great range of Halloween Costumes and Fancy Dress Ideas for every occasion.


  • What do you fancy?

    We all love to party, don’t we? Some people party only on special occasions while some do so every other weekend. Some like house parties while some others prefer their parties in clubs. We all have our different tastes when it comes to hosting or attending a successful, fulfilled night of revelry. Partying is a universal activity that knows no boundaries of location, age, sex or race. One thing that is common among most people around the world is the common love they share for theme parties. Everyone likes a costume or theme party where they can become whatever they want to for that one night. With the growing popularity of selfies in social media, people are more enthusiastic than ever before to dress up as their favorite cartoon character or superhero and go clickety-click in their new looks.

    For the residents of UK, the one stop shop for acquiring fancy dresses of a variety of different kinds is Character Fancy Dress. It is the leading UK Fancy Dress costume supplier which provides Halloween costumes and fancy dress outfits for every occasion and every party. So whether it is a Hen night or a Stag night, a kid’s theme party or a more adult themed get-together, there are costumes and matching accessories for every kind of event available at Character Fancy Dress.

    Add more fun to your parties with costumes

    Character Fancy Dress stocks a large inventory of costumes suitable for any fancy dress theme including fancy dress parties, Halloween, Valentine events and festivals. UK residents need not run form pillar to post before the much awaited festival of Halloween to decide on which costume they want. They can simply log on to the company’s website and choose from numerous fun, stylish outfits for themselves as well as their kids.

    The costumes are available in all sizes and come with affordable, pocket friendly price tags. In fact there is always a sale going on at Character Fancy Dress on most of the costumes so that parties can be fun without creating holes in the pockets of the revelers. All the orders placed at Character Fancy Dress are dispatched on the same day of purchase so that the items are delivered as quickly as possible for you to get ready on time for that much awaited event.

    Character Fancy Dress stocks all types of costumes

    The fancy dress costumes available at Character Fancy Dress include those that have become iconic in pop culture over the decades. These include famous movie characters like Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Monsters Inc., Scooby Doo, etc. There are also superheroes characters, animal costumes, pirates, clowns and many more such fun themes. For the little girls, all the latest Disney, princess and movies costumes are available to order online. Besides costumes, there are also attractive, matching accessories available which complete the getup.

    Interested parties can contact this Buckinghamshire based company 24 hours a day, on or phone on 0845 201 5136.

  • A Valentine’s Costume Gala?

    When we think about costume parties, only one time of year comes to mind, Halloween. That’s the season of tricks and treats, ghosts and goblins, when we all get to dress like our favorite movie character or true inner self. Why should Halloween have all of the fun though? Why can’t we have costume parties any time of the year? why not Valentine’s Costume?

    Costume parties are great fun for people of all ages and you don’t really need a reason to have one. In fact, the latest trend that is sweeping the UK is the Valentine’s Day Costume Gala. Is it a full-on costume party like we see at Halloween? Do you have to dress up as a cherub wearing a diaper and carrying a bow and arrow all night? The answer to both of these questions is no. A Valentine’s Day Costume Gala is a more formal affair where adults don their favorite face masks and their fanciest dress and come together for an evening of fun, excitement and mystery. And when the evening is over, everyone removes their masks to reveal their true identity as well as a little more about themselves.

    minnie mouse costume Valentine’s Day Costume

    If a Valentine’s Day Costume Gala sounds like a good time to you, why not throw one this year? You still have plenty of time to make the invitations, set up a menu and get your mask. Guys might even need to rent a tux, and ladies still have plenty of time to shop for a new dress. The sky is the limit on this fancy formal costume party; you can make it as elaborate as you want and invite 50 guests, or keep it a more intimate evening for close friends and family.

    Whichever you choose, we think this is a trend that might be here to stay. Imagine the possibilities of costume parties year around! Think of how much fun you have at Halloween dressed like Harry Potter or your favorite One Direction member. You could have a costume themed birthday party or maybe even an Easter costume party; just don’t all dress like the Easter Bunny or it might seem a little strange to people passing by.

    The point is, with costume parties, there are no rules; they can be as mild or wild as you want to take them. So why should they only be held on Halloween? Plan your Valentine’s Day Costume Gala today and enjoy the spirit of the costume early this year.

  • What is This Cosplay Anyway?

    Cosplay idea Cosplay idea

    Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade or so, you have probably heard the term cosplay a time or two. Do you know what it means and how much a hobby like this could end up costing a cosplayer? If not, read on as we are going to explain the ins and outs of cosplay and what it takes to get started.

    Cosplay is literally the combination of the words “costume” and “play” and it is the dressing up as one’s favorite characters from comics, video games, anime, manga, movies and television shows. The origin of the word says that in 1984, Nov Takahashi, founder and writer for the anime publishing company Studio Hard, was sent to Los Angeles to cover the World-Con science fiction convention. He was impressed by the fans' costumes and the elaborate displays at the masquerade, and when he returned to Japan, he coined the term to describe what he saw.

    Today, almost everyone that attends a Comic Con event participates in cosplay and just as the people vary greatly, so do the costumes. Some resourceful cosplayers repurpose clothing and props they already own while others can spend hundreds of dollars to get just the right look.

    The cosplayers who choose to go above and beyond to create something totally unique have been known to commission costumes from specialists or shop costume retailers online and get the costumes and accessories they need for their upcoming “adventure”.

    One example of a cosplayer who went a little out of the way to get the costume she wanted is a woman who wanted a Giselle costume from Disney's animated movie "Enchanted." She requested a price quote from an online commissioner asking for specific, high-quality materials and hand-embroidered flowers and soon discovered that the price would be upwards of $850!

    Now that may seem exorbitant, but cosplayers take their craft as seriously as golfers take their game and they don’t have any problem spending the extra money to pull it off. For cosplayers, the experience is nearly always worth the

    stress of choosing a costume and dropping the money. It's an opportunity to be a hero, princess or otherworldly creature for a while and it might even be considered therapeutic to many of the world’s more serious cosplayers.

    Now that you know what cosplay is, the costs that must be endured and the seriousness of the players, maybe you can see yourself as the next great cosplayer saving the galaxy from the evil squirrel horde from outer space. Or maybe just dress like your favorite TV character and have less of a back story.

  • Costume Party Etiquette

    If you have just been invited to a costume party, be it for Halloween or a special themed event, there are some rules of etiquette that one must follow to ensure that everyone has a good time while attending the party. Donning a costume and a mask doesn’t give you the go ahead to make a fool of yourself or act any differently than you would without the costume on so following some rules can ensure that you don’t overstep your bounds and do something very foolish that you might regret later on.

    Costume Party Etiquette Costume Party Etiquette

    The Costume

    If you receive an invitation to a costume party, you must wear a costume. There is nothing else to it, wear a costume or decline the invitation. It is considered very rude to show up out of costume and say that you just didn’t feel like wearing one or you didn’t have time. If the invitation was sent out early enough, you had time.

    A costume doesn’t have to be overly elaborate and they don’t have to cost a lot of money. Just be sure it is tasteful and appropriate for the crowd. If there will be children attending the party, you would obviously not want to dress like a “lady of ill repute” or a gory zombie-slasher that could cause nightmares for both the young and old.

    Being respectful of others with your costume is very important and that should dictate which costume you choose. A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything that might make you appear insensitive to race, sex, religion or politics.

    The Hostess Gift

    Any time you visit someone’s home, you should bring a gift, especially if it’s a party. When you arrive, hand the gift directly to the host or hostess and don’t expect it to be used at the party. Sometimes a gift of a bottle of wine or specialty chocolates is appropriate and should be intended for the hostess only, not the guests.

    Thank You Note

    Be sure to send a Thank You note the next day and let the hostess know that you truly appreciated the party and how welcomed you felt. If you had a good time, be sure to say so; if not; keep that to yourself and tell them it was nice anyway.

    Being well mannered and cordial during a costume party is a sure way to get invited back for another or any other special events the host or hostess holds. In short, treat their home as you would your own and treat everyone at the party as you would if you met them at the office.

  • Halloween Costume Safety for Children

    Halloween Costume by Character Fancy Dress Halloween Costume by Character Fancy Dress

    With Halloween coming soon, the time to think about ghosts and goblins, ghouls and pirates is upon us. With the large selection of Halloween costume available, it can be difficult to choose one that your children like. It has to be their favorite character and it has to be “just so”, or they won’t enjoy wearing it. Choosing a safe costume is as important as choosing just the right one, so we have created a list of things to look for to ensure your children have a safe and fun Halloween.

      • 1. Find a Good Fit. You want to be sure to find a costume that fits them well; not too tight and not too loose. Your children will be running around, going door to door and playing with others, you want to make sure they are comfortable and help them avoid and falls or accidents from an ill-fitting costume.


      • 2. Look for Flame Resistant Material. Halloween costume often brings with it candles, bonfires and jack-o-lanterns. These can pose some fire hazards for children who aren’t watching out for them. Choosing a flame resistant costume will ensure their safety if they do come in contact with flammable objects.


      • 3. Nothing Around the Neck. Making sure your child’s neck area is clear of any restrictions is important. Be sure to look for any cords or sashes that could become a strangulation hazard.


      • 4. Choose Masks Carefully. When choosing a mask for your child’s Halloween costume, you want to make sure that the mask doesn’t obstruct their vision as this could be very hazardous, especially at night time. Go ahead and try it on yourself to make sure you can see clearly and your airways aren’t obstructed.


      • 5. Make Sure They Can be Seen. If your child’s Halloween costume doesn’t include and reflective material, feel free to sew on a strip or two to the back as well as the front. This will help them become more visible to drivers late at night and help provide them with an extra level of safety when crossing the street.


    • 6. Finally, Choose Accessories Carefully. This is important as many of today’s more popular Halloween costume come with a wide range of accessories available for them. Look for any sharp edges on wands, swords, knives and staffs as these could be harmful to your child or another if used improperly.


    Watching out for these potential hazards will ensure that your children have a safe and enjoyable Halloween. Happy Trick-or-Treating!

  • Get your Wheelchair Costume Ideas

    If you use a wheelchair, or know anyone that uses a wheelchair, then you know how difficult and challenging it can be to find a unique and functional fancy dress costume. Because people are all different shapes and sizes, not to mention the wheelchair itself, your best option is to custom make your own wheelchair costume.

    A costume that is tailor fitted for a wheelchair needs to be able to function as well as impress. A wheelchair fancy dress costume also presents the perfect way to create a "one of kind" costume that leaves a lasting impression with both the person wearing it and everyone who sees it.


    Whether you are putting together a costume for a child or an adult you have an amazing opportunity to create an award winning, original fancy dress costume that will steal the show, especially when dressed as a pirate in a ship!

    A wheelchair fancy dress costume can instantly stand out in a crowd and the sky's the limit on the ideas. The fun thing with these costumes is that you can go far beyond typical fairies, monsters, zombies and super heroes. Everyone else will be jealous when they see Batman gliding through the streets in his Batmobile or Cinderella arriving to the Halloween party in her Enchanted Carriage!


    The most difficult part of a costume being used for a wheelchair is that you can't order a standard princess or movie character costume online or from your local store. However, with a little fairy dust and some big ideas, you’ll be able to create your own costume. The best thing about creating your own costume is that you can customise the design to do whatever you want, plus, no one else will look anywhere near as unique.


    There are no limitations on what can be created for a wheelchair – a "spy plane" being flown by a secret agent, a princess riding her horse or a farmer driving his tractor. Add in accessories, wigs, masks and anything else you can think of to design and construct your fancy dress costume for one of the most exciting times of the year – be it Halloween or simply a birthday party.

    These wheelchair costumes are special, with the power to create a memorable experience for everyone involved, from the people helping to make them and the people that wear them to everyone who is lucky enough to see them in person. Get started now on your unique and distinctive costume.


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  • The Quirkiness of Marc Jacobs

    Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer. He is the head designer for Marc Jacobs, with over 200 retail stores in 80 countries. Before this, he was the creative director of the French design house Louis Vuitton from 1997 to 2013.

    Marc Jacobs BirdHint - Marc Jacobs is the one on the left. Yes, you got it. The bird.

    Marc Jacobs is almost as well known for his fancy dress costume shenanigans as for his fashion designs. At his annual holiday party in New York, he reportedly demands that his guests wear a costume, or they will not be allowed entry.

    Mark Jacobs Ketchup

    A fan of ketchup? Why not dress up as a ketchup bottle?

    A fan of making political statements, as well as fashion statements, Marc Jacobs’ outlandish getups always cause a stir.

    Dimitrios KambourisMarc Jacob wins the prize for 'Best Pig'. What does he win? Naomi Campbell, of course!

    He must be doing something right, for he is friend and designer to the stars – his presence is often gracing the red carpet, either in the form of one of his artistic creations or the attendance by the designer himself.

    Marc Jacobs Lace DressThose lace dresses are all the rage, don't ya know?

    Notable fans of his designs include Miley Cyrus, Ashlee Simpson, Vanessa Hudgens, Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Garner; the list goes on.

    Marc Jacobs - Miley Cyrus

    Even Miley Cyrus is getting in on the lacey dress action. And yes, this is a Marc Jacobs creation

    He’s a long-time friend of Kate Moss and is credited to have persuaded her to make a runway return. He is also the person who supplied her with a stunning gold gown for her book launch party.

    Marc Jacobs Kate MossKate Moss works that golden gown

    If you want to embrace a fun and fantastic attitude like Marc Jacobs, you can get your own crazy costumes at Character Fancy Dress.

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