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  • 3 Classic Halloween Costumes for 2014

    After another busy summer of fancy dress events, parties and festivals, the main event is almost here. With Halloween just a few months away, we are starting to get excited as we prepare for the biggest fancy dress event of the year which is Halloween. Every year there are many horror movies that offer extra inspiration for those looking for a Halloween costume. Over the years we have seen many new Characters become Halloween favourites. Here we present to you 5 of the most popular Halloween costumes which are of course available here at Character Fancy Dress.

    Jason Voorhees

    jason costume

    The original Friday the 13th movie was released in 1980 and since then there have been many remakes. An all time favourite Halloween costume idea, Jason continues to make appearances at many Halloween parties across the globe. The most recent movie was actually released in 2009 which was a remake of the original movie. There have been many sequels, remakes and spin offs including Freddie vs. Jason which was released in 2003. For those looking for a Jason Costume this Halloween then drop by our website as we stock Jason fancy Dress for both Kids and adults.


    Halloween costumes

    An all time classic Halloween costume that has also seen many movies made over the years. The character is actually based on the novel written by Mary Shelly that told the story of an eccentric scientist Victor Frankenstein who created a hideously grotesque creature through an experiment that went wrong. This made Frankenstein an extremely popular Character that has since been symbolised with Halloween for decades. Every year Frankenstein costumes are sold all over the world. There have also been many movie releases including Frankenstein which was released in 1994 and was based on the novel which also featured Robert De Nero as the Frankenstein.


    Halloween costumes

    Another extremely famous character featured at Halloween is Dracula. Again Dracula symbolises Halloween and inspires Halloween Fancy dress around the world each October. The original novel tells the story of Dracula's attempt to move from Transylvania to England. A small group of people led by Van Helsing battle Dracula and his dark forces. In 1987 the classic novel hit the big screen with the release of Bram stokers Dracula. The count or countess continues to inspire Halloween costumes for adults and children as part of the annual celebrations. To find these costumes or more Halloween fancy dress ideas then check out our Halloween costumes here


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