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  • 3 All Time Superheroes that keep on inspiring Superhero Fancy Dress

    Superheroes continue to inspire fancy dress each year. Over the decades, the most popular superheroes have continued be reinvented and the story retold in a more modern twist. Recently most of the superheroes have received a reboot with a darker and much more serious take leaving the comic side behind. Here we look at 4 of the most famous superheroes to inspire fancy dress costumes.


    superhero fancy dress superman fancy dress superhero fancy dress superman fancy dress

    The original film featured Christopher Reeves and was released in 1977. It went on to make another 3 films with Superman 2 being the best of the 4 and featuring General Zod. For decades Superman Costumes has been a very popular choice for many Fancy occasions. Those red pants and tight fitted costume really put the fun into the fancy dress making superman an iconic superhero. In 2006, Superman returns was released which failed to really do the original franchise any justice. 2013 saw the Man of Steel released fusing both the first movie and 2nd movie together. The movie was much more serious with an absolute stella cast and directed by the legendary Zack Snyder. Superman Fancy Dress was back in huge demand as was General Zod and the 2nd movie is already in the pipeline.


    superhero fancy dress spiderman fancy dresssuperhero fancy dress spiderman fancy dresss

    Spiderman is another global superhero celebrated for decades. Inspiring blockbuster movies and fancy dress, the original web spinner is another great superhero character for fancy dress. The fictional character Spiderman was created by Stan Lee and like all great superheroes, he has a troubled past. Bitten by a radioactive spider, he then possesses great powers reminiscent to a spider allowing him to spin webs, crawl up walls and possess superhuman strength. After his uncle is killed by a criminal, he decides to fight evil and comes against many arch enemies. Both Toby Maguire and now Andrew Garfield have take on the role of web shooter. Spiderman costumes continue to be loved by kids and adults and that’s why we agree Spiderman is one the top 3 superheroes of all time.


    superhero fancy dress batman fancy dresssuperhero fancy dress fancy dress

    Another all time superhero that continues to inspire Superhero Fancy Dress is Batman. Originally brought to life in 1939, Batman has seen many film released featuring a host of well know movies stars such as Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and most recently Christian Bale. Inspiring Fancy Dress for decades, Batman Costumes continue to be in high demand. The most recent Franchise featuring much darker take of the story of Bruce Wayne and Gotham City has seen Christian Bale take the dark knight to another level completely stripping away the comic book feeling. As a result Batman Fancy Dress I much cooler. Batman is another great superhero that is celebrated at Fancy Dress parties all over the world each year.


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