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  • Do you know the difference between day of the dead and Halloween?

    Day of the Dead is a South American holiday celebrated particularly throughout Mexico, at which time they honour the ancestors by leaving offerings for them, Etc with festivals such as the Celtic festival of Samhain, Halloween (all hallows eve) and acknowledged around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and help support their spiritual journey.

    day of the dead and Halloween day of the dead and Halloween

    Halloween is a yearly celebration which happens throughout many countries and is only celebrated on one day which involves thousands of people dressing up in costumes which can be from spooky to fun, they will then spend the evening going out trickle-treating.

    Halloween is celebrated on October 31. The Day of the Dead is a two day celebration. On November 1st is the day when deceased children are honoured; this is known as the Day of the Innocents. On November 2nd this is the celebration to honour deceased adults; this is known as the Day of the Dead.

    day of the dead and Halloween day of the dead and Halloween

    Day of the dead is involved a lot this Halloween so gives everyone a chance to go all out on their costumes and make up! We have some amazing new Day of the Dead costumes and masks in stock so everyone can dress up and join in with the celebrations which will be going on.

    With our new shop opening in Aylesbury we will be able to help you to be the best dressed this Halloween with our amazing new stock of day of the dead costumes. Here are a few examples of what you could look like;

    day of the dead and Halloween day of the dead and Halloween

    In our Aylesbury Fancy Dress Shop in Aylesbury we have Day of the Day or Halloween Costume in stock for Boy, girl, Men and Women. We also have a number of masks and accessories which are available to buy direct now.

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    This post Do you know the difference between day of the dead and Halloween? by Rebecca from Character Fancy Dress Shop in Aylesbury. They provide day of the dead fancy dress and also a great range of Halloween Costumes and Fancy Dress Ideas for every occasion.

  • 5 Great Boys Halloween Costumes

    Halloween is nearly upon on and that means Halloween parties and trick or treating. For parents looking for boys Halloween costumes this year, we have come up with some great ideas to make your little terrors look extra spooky this Halloween. Whether your boys are attending a Halloween party or trick or treating, we have a huge range of boys Halloween fancy dress ideas that includes original Halloween costumes including vampires, Devils, Zombies and more. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to wear any fancy dress costume from superheroes to pirates and much more. But keeping within the Halloween spirit, we have selected 5 spooky and sinister boys Halloween costume ideas for boys from original Halloween characters, Horror film legends to sinister baddies such as the Evil Joker from Batman. Check out our top 5 Boys Halloween Costume ideas here.

    Boys Scream Halloween Costume

    Boys Halloween Costumes Boys Scream Halloween Costume

    The scream franchise was very popular featuring that iconic face mask and black cloak. The original film was directed by Wes Craven and feature a serial killer known as Ghostface who was killing teenagers as if they were going out of fashion. A great choice for Halloween our boys Scream Halloween Costume will be the perfect choice for this Halloween.

    Boys Grim Reaper Halloween Costume

    Boys Halloween Costumes Boys Grim Reaper Halloween Costume Boys Halloween Costumes

    The boys Grim Reaper Halloween Costume is another great choice for your little devils this Halloween. Typically associated with death, the Grim Reaper is symbolised with death and is the perfect costume for Halloween.

    Boys Vampire Halloween Costume

    Boys Halloween Costumes Boys Vampire Halloween Costume Boys Halloween Costumes

    Well Halloween would not be Halloween without Vampires. Extremely popular and producing 100’s of Vampire movies over the years, Boys Vampire Halloween Costumes will again be extremely popular this year. Complete with fangs, cloak, trousers and Medallion, we think a vampire costume would be the perfect choice.

    Boys Joker Fancy Dress Costume

    Boys Halloween Costumes Boys Joker Fancy Dress Costume Boys Halloween Costumes

    Batman is extremely popular for fancy dress with so many great villains also inspiring Fancy dress ideas. Nobody can really argue that the Joker is the most famous baddie from the batman franchise so much that people choose to dress up as the Joker more than Batman himself. The late Heath Ledger took the portrayal of the Joker to another level in the Dark Knight. So we have made sure that we have Boys Joker Fancy Dress Costumes in stock. Watch the mayhem begin!

    Boys Ghostbusters Costumes

    Boys Halloween Costumes Boys Ghostbusters Costumes Boys Halloween Costumes

    Sticking with Movies, if you can’t catch a ghost who are you going to call! Ghostbusters of course. Still highly popular all year round for kids and adults, we have boys Ghostbusters costumes in stock now. Another perfect Boys Halloween Costume, the Ghostbusters boiler suit is available in all sizes. Extra accessories such as backpack can be bought from us too.

    So make sure your boys have a great Halloween with our great selection of boys Halloween Costumes now available. We also stock a huge range of other boy’s costumes for every fancy dress occasion.

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    This article was brought to you by Alex Prevost from Character Fancy Dress shop in Aylesbury. If you are looking for a Boys Halloween Costumes or some great fancy dress ideas for Halloween then check out our huge collection of costumes online.

  • Area 51 Alien Halloween Costume for Kids

    Area 51 Alien Halloween Costume

    Area 51 Alien Halloween Costume

    Aliens and spooking beings from another planet are always great Halloween Costume Ideas and this year will be no different. The Area 51 Alien Halloween Costume is a great choice for a parent looking for a Halloween costume that is both original and scary. Definitely a great choice for boys and teenagers, this delightful but terrifying costume will certainly turn a few heads at any Halloween party. Complete with Alien mask, Jumpsuit and freaky Alien hands, this is really a perfect choice. Whether your children are trick or treating or attending a Halloween Party the Area 51 Alien Halloween Costume is just the ticket for creating scares. Do Aliens really exist? Well when unsuspecting neighbours see this hideous being roaming the streets then they might just agree. We are not alone!




    Area 51 Alien Halloween Costume for Kids now in stock. Area 51 Alien Halloween Costume

    Author Bio

    This post was brought to you by Alex Prevost from Character Fancy Dress Shop in Aylesbury. They provide the Area 51 Alien Halloween Costume and also a great range of Halloween Costumes and Fancy Dress Ideas for every occasion.

  • Kids can Cause a real fright this with the Evil Jester Child Halloween Costume

    Evil Jester Child Halloween Costume Evil Jester Child Costume Evil Jester Child Halloween Costume

    Evil Jester Child Halloween Costume

    Evil jesters have always been popular at Halloween. These fools have always had a sinister feel about them. Evil is never a good thing and generally Good always triumphs over evil. But at Halloween, evil is celebrated all over the world for one night only. Actually being scary and sinister for one night is really fun and mischievous. We know one costume that will really cause havoc is the kids Evil Jester Costume. This is really a terrifying Halloween costume that will delight your child and terrify their friends. This is definitely not a costume that you will want to see late at night or in the dark. Traditionally available for men, the Evil Jester Child Halloween Costume is now in stock and we know these are going to sell fast. The Childrens evil jester costume is available in black, red or green for an extra thrill. The costume comes with Shirt, waist sash, jester hood, collar with skull trim and mask. There is no doubt that your child will stand out from their friends at any Halloween party.


    Evil Jester Child Halloween Costume Evil Jester Child Halloween Costume

    Author Bio

    This post was brought to you by Alex Prevost from Character Fancy Dress Shop in Alesbury. They provide the Evil Jester Child Halloween Costume and also a great range of Halloween Costumes and Fancy Dress Ideas for every occasion.

  • Halloween by the Numbers

    Every year, it seems that we spend more and more on Halloween fancy dress and so far, none of us seem to mind. Halloween is that special time of year when you can dress like your favorite super hero or maybe even like one of your most secret alter egos. Whatever you dress as, you want to make sure that your costume is perfect so when you arrive at that Halloween party, you will get noticed for all of the right reasons.

    Let’s take a look at the party now; Halloween fancy dress parties can be expensive as well when you factor in the food, beverage, entertainment and decorations. And remember, most of us are throwing a Halloween party for our children as well as our adult friends; that’s like two parties in one!

    All of the fun and excitement of Halloween doesn’t come cheap. In fact, many studies have been done that show us just how much we are spending each and every year on this particularly spooky holiday.

    Halloween Fancy Dress Halloween Fancy Dress

    Let’s break down Halloween by the numbers and see what we come up with:

    Over 162 million people celebrated Halloween this past year and that number has steadily increased over the past decade.

    Of those 162 million people, 20% of them made their own costumes to save money or show off their creativity.

    $2.8 billion on costumes was spent on costumes in 2014 with a large percentage of that being spent the week of Halloween. This led to 20% of people making their own costumes.

    $1.1 billion of the $2.8 billion total was spent on children’s costumes alone.

    16% of Halloween costume shoppers turned to pop culture for costume ideas including companies such as Disney and Mattel.

    23 million people dress their pets in costumes every year. Somehow we think many of the pets might have resisted.

    In 2014, 33 million people will have visited a haunted house by the end of Halloween. The weekend before Halloween has been shown to be the busiest for haunted houses around the world.

    54 million people throw or attend Halloween parties every year which is the reason for many retail stores to have later operating hours the next day.

    Of the 162 million people who said they celebrate Halloween, 8% did not hand out candy.

    In all, $7.4 billion was spent on Halloween this past year making it one of the most profitable, and expensive, Halloweens in recent

  • Costume Party Etiquette

    If you have just been invited to a costume party, be it for Halloween or a special themed event, there are some rules of etiquette that one must follow to ensure that everyone has a good time while attending the party. Donning a costume and a mask doesn’t give you the go ahead to make a fool of yourself or act any differently than you would without the costume on so following some rules can ensure that you don’t overstep your bounds and do something very foolish that you might regret later on.

    Costume Party Etiquette Costume Party Etiquette

    The Costume

    If you receive an invitation to a costume party, you must wear a costume. There is nothing else to it, wear a costume or decline the invitation. It is considered very rude to show up out of costume and say that you just didn’t feel like wearing one or you didn’t have time. If the invitation was sent out early enough, you had time.

    A costume doesn’t have to be overly elaborate and they don’t have to cost a lot of money. Just be sure it is tasteful and appropriate for the crowd. If there will be children attending the party, you would obviously not want to dress like a “lady of ill repute” or a gory zombie-slasher that could cause nightmares for both the young and old.

    Being respectful of others with your costume is very important and that should dictate which costume you choose. A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything that might make you appear insensitive to race, sex, religion or politics.

    The Hostess Gift

    Any time you visit someone’s home, you should bring a gift, especially if it’s a party. When you arrive, hand the gift directly to the host or hostess and don’t expect it to be used at the party. Sometimes a gift of a bottle of wine or specialty chocolates is appropriate and should be intended for the hostess only, not the guests.

    Thank You Note

    Be sure to send a Thank You note the next day and let the hostess know that you truly appreciated the party and how welcomed you felt. If you had a good time, be sure to say so; if not; keep that to yourself and tell them it was nice anyway.

    Being well mannered and cordial during a costume party is a sure way to get invited back for another or any other special events the host or hostess holds. In short, treat their home as you would your own and treat everyone at the party as you would if you met them at the office.

  • Pet Safety This Halloween

    Pet Safety This Halloween Pet Safety This Halloween

    Halloween is almost here and we are sure that, by now, you already have your costumes picked out, the party decorations picked up and bags upon bags of candy waiting for eager trick-or-treaters. You’ve remembered everything, but what about your pets? If you have a dog or a cat and you want them to have a safe and enjoyable Halloween, here are some tips that will come in handy this season.

    Whether you dress your pet up for Halloween, keep them in their kennel or let them out in the yard, the holiday can be a very stressful time for them. Some pets might not like the idea of wearing a costume even thought their owners think it’s cute. Many cats that run the neighborhood risk injury from vicious people who think hurting animals is fun. And the thought of your dog biting a trick-or-treater in an especially scary costume is something none of us want to think about.

    Rather than exposing your pets to the festivities, follow these tips to keep them happy, healthy and safe this year.

      • No Candy: Pets cannot have candy, it is not safe for them and, in some case, could be lethal. No matter how much your pet begs for that candy bar, don’t give in, it will only lead to problems later on.

      • Pick Up Candy Wrappers: Just as dogs and cats cannot have candy, they cannot have the wrappers either. Being natural scavengers, dogs will sniff out that last piece of chocolate residue on the wrapper and eat it. This wrapper could get caught in their digestive tract causing illness or death. To counter this and the No Candy rule, keep candy and candy wrappers away from pets and maybe have some extra pet treats around for them instead.

      • Keep Large Dogs Away From Open Flames: Candles, jack-o-lanterns and large dogs with wagging tails is a recipe for disaster. A knocked over candle could start a fire that can get out of control in a hurry. Keep pets away from open flames or opt for the new flameless LED candles instead.

    • Use the Kennel: If you are hosting a Halloween party at your home, it is best to put your pets in their kennels so they, and your guests, will have a better evening. The noise, lighting and bustling crowd of people can stress your pet and cause them to do things they wouldn’t normally do. To avoid any problems, kennel your pets, give them plenty of food and water and have an Halloween that everyone can enjoy.

  • The Science of Scare - Why We Like Being Scared on Halloween

    Halloween Party Halloween Party

    Why do we like being scared on Halloween? For many of us, it’s a thrill that gets our heart racing and the hair on the back of our neck standing up. Still, others seem to like the challenge of seeing just how much fear and anxiety their bodies can handle. Whatever the reason, the physical and psychological responses are the same for everyone; intense breathing, increased heart rate, sweating and a deep sense of fear that release certain hormones inside us that can stimulate our fight or flight responses.

    The very instant that we feel threatened and fear starts to take over us. Our bodies release hormones that trick our brain into making us believe that we are much stronger than we are, much more powerful physically and more intuitive emotionally. This adrenaline rush has been hard wired into humans making us almost drawn to this feeling.

    Psychologically, we have always had a certain appeal for the forbidden or bizarre things in our world. For most of us, we can watch these things unfold on the big screen from the safety of our living room and never have to delve any deeper than Hollywood let us. There are even those of us who identify with the villains in movies and on some dark, hidden level, we are cheering them on and hoping they don’t get caught just yet.

    It’s this emotional connection to the dark side of human nature that causes us to relish in the thrill of anything scary or twisted. Scary movies, and even scary stories, allow us to release strong emotions that most of us have no other way to release. This is especially therapeutic as it keeps us from keeping these dark feelings trapped inside us until one day we end up releasing them in a not so friendly way. Allowing ourselves to act out these emotions through the eyes of a movie villain is much safer for us and everyone around us as well.

    So just as one person’s horror is another’s ecstasy, we all like different things and different ways of being scared. And although that is very true, we all react to it the same way because of our human nature and way we are made up both physically and mentally. Personal pleasure can vary widely, so whether you are about to face your fears by doing something terrifying at Halloween or by watching a scary movie, either one can feel gratifying and rewarding at the same time.

  • Halloween Costume Safety for Children

    Halloween Costume by Character Fancy Dress Halloween Costume by Character Fancy Dress

    With Halloween coming soon, the time to think about ghosts and goblins, ghouls and pirates is upon us. With the large selection of Halloween costume available, it can be difficult to choose one that your children like. It has to be their favorite character and it has to be “just so”, or they won’t enjoy wearing it. Choosing a safe costume is as important as choosing just the right one, so we have created a list of things to look for to ensure your children have a safe and fun Halloween.

      • 1. Find a Good Fit. You want to be sure to find a costume that fits them well; not too tight and not too loose. Your children will be running around, going door to door and playing with others, you want to make sure they are comfortable and help them avoid and falls or accidents from an ill-fitting costume.


      • 2. Look for Flame Resistant Material. Halloween costume often brings with it candles, bonfires and jack-o-lanterns. These can pose some fire hazards for children who aren’t watching out for them. Choosing a flame resistant costume will ensure their safety if they do come in contact with flammable objects.


      • 3. Nothing Around the Neck. Making sure your child’s neck area is clear of any restrictions is important. Be sure to look for any cords or sashes that could become a strangulation hazard.


      • 4. Choose Masks Carefully. When choosing a mask for your child’s Halloween costume, you want to make sure that the mask doesn’t obstruct their vision as this could be very hazardous, especially at night time. Go ahead and try it on yourself to make sure you can see clearly and your airways aren’t obstructed.


      • 5. Make Sure They Can be Seen. If your child’s Halloween costume doesn’t include and reflective material, feel free to sew on a strip or two to the back as well as the front. This will help them become more visible to drivers late at night and help provide them with an extra level of safety when crossing the street.


    • 6. Finally, Choose Accessories Carefully. This is important as many of today’s more popular Halloween costume come with a wide range of accessories available for them. Look for any sharp edges on wands, swords, knives and staffs as these could be harmful to your child or another if used improperly.


    Watching out for these potential hazards will ensure that your children have a safe and enjoyable Halloween. Happy Trick-or-Treating!

  • Why Do We Carve Pumpkins at Halloween?

    Why Do We Carve Pumpkins at Halloween Why Do We Carve Pumpkins at Halloween

    Why do we carve pumpkins every year at Halloween? It seems like a fair enough questions and the easy answer is that we carve them for decoration and to get into the spirit of the holiday. Does that answer the question though? Hardly, and if you or your children have ever wondered about this, read on and find out just exactly why we sit around on Halloween elbow deep in a pumpkin trying to get a candle to stay lit!

    Jack and His Turnip

    The original legend of the Jack-O-Lantern came from Ireland and it states that one day, the devil came to take the soul of a thief name Jack. Jack managed to trick the devil into not ever taking his soul and went about his life doing whatever he wished. When it came time to enter the Pearly Gates, Jack was refused entry because of his evil lifestyle. He then turned to the devil and pleaded to be let into Hell. The devil, who didn’t really like Jack anyway, refused him entry and sent a complaining Jack on his way. He also threw a burning ember after him which Jack fashioned into a lantern using a turnip he found in his pocket (who just keeps turnips in their pockets?). Jack then became known as the Jack of the Lantern, and he was doomed to aimlessly walk the Earth with nowhere to go.

    Swamp Gasses and Lost Souls

    Now, while that sounds like an interesting story and could even make an excellent Halloween party conversation, the scientific explanation as to how this rumor took life could be based on the swamps in Ireland that provide a quite unusual phenomenon. The swamp gasses would interact with the decaying matter giving off a strange light that would seem to vanish as people got closer. Before scientists could explain this phenomenon, locals would claim that it was the trapped souls of the dead who could enter neither heaven nor hell and would often lead you astray. The Irish would then use turnips or beets to create jack-o-lanterns to help ward off these evil presences and keep themselves and their homes safe. Some would create the lanterns as a means of honoring those souls trapped in purgatory, while others would use their mocking faces to scare away evil spirits.

    Whichever story you believe in, you can now say that you know why we carve pumpkins every year at Halloween and maybe even add your own twist on the story for your family’s next pumpkin carving party.

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